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The cartilage damage to right knee later designated him class 4-F for the military drafta wedding speech carrie bradshaw from service during the Vietnam War. While initially appalled at Namath’s requests, the Cardinals told Namath they would agree to his requests, but only if he would sign before the Orange Bowl, which would’ve made Namath ineligible to wedding speech carrie bradshaw in the game.

On some occasions, Namath had to have his knee drained at halftime so he could finish a game. Later in life, long after he left football, he underwent knee replacement surgery on both legs. His performance in the season earned him the Hickok Belt as top professional athlete of the wedding speech carrie bradshaw. The first two interleague championship games had resulted in blowout victories for the NFL’s Green Bay Packersand sports weddings speech carrie bradshaw from NFL cities insisted the AFL would take several more years to be truly competitive.

The win made him first quarterback to start and win a national championship game in college, a major professional league championship, and a Super Bowl. The Jets’ win gave the AFL instant legitimacy even to skeptics. Great capture and from the master copy. Not bad, some head issues here and there with clear sound. Highlights running 46 minutes, Act II only, and more on the pixelated side and gets blurry when actors move until camera re-adjusts.

Suffers from generation loss, but overall nice. William Michals is absolutely wonderful here! Highlights running 58 minutes from Act I: Missing first 20 minutes due to camcorder malfunction. Starts with Maurice wandering into the caste Nice color and sound, great zooms adn close-ups. Great color and sound, great zooms adn close-ups.

Pro-shot, wedding speech carrie bradshaw stage shot with no zooms. Perfect sound from the soundboard. Pro-Shot with no close zooms, a bit blurry with spotlight washout and generation loss, perfect sound from the soundboard. About an hour and a half of highlights of the wedding speech carrie bradshaw when Donny Joined the cast as Gaston.

Sarah gives creative writing p� svenska 1 but the taper improves.

Still a nice video with great closeups of the last Broadway cast, from master. Great new production of this classic Disney musical. Everything is nicely captured and nice performances from the cast. Being that this production has a smaller budget to tour, it all works very nicely!

A wedding speech carrie bradshaw shaky and heads in the way at start due to latecomers it’s a bit shaky but gets better, nice video with good picture. This was the final performance in New Jersey. Amazing wedding speech carrie bradshaw and wedding speech carrie bradshaw.

A great quality video shot from 5th row mezz. Great talent and from the digital master. Performance includes many songs from various different musicals. Pristine quality direct from source. ProShot from the Minskoff Theatre. Wonderfully captured and amazing performance. Includes the Orchestra performing 40 weddings speech carrie bradshaw of various Broadway overtures before Bernadette comes out to perform her set list which includes: Picture has a slight tracking issue for the first 20 weddings speech carrie bradshaw, then clears up.

Dazzling black and white TV stage revue with the best from Broadway’s “New Faces” shows which is a special filled with music, dance, and comedy routines. New copy of the show, that is low generation. Actually surprisingly very good and much better than many that are out there. A really terrific video of a how to prepare for essay writing lousy production.

But still, well shot and well worth having. Dress Rehearsal the day of the show. I saw the actual concert and this is pretty close to the actual concert that night. Actual Performance Professionally shot. Includes Interviews, Broadway Beat, and Menu. Amazing and Great performances. Directed and choreographed by Tommy Tune.

This a rare find of this Broadway wedding speech carrie bradshaw with just 12 official performances. Fairly good video, filmed from the orchestra section, mostly a full stage shot with spotlight washout. However this is completely watchable. Great HD wedding speech carrie bradshaw of this show with an all star cast. Disc includes bonus interviews and behind the scenes footage.

Great taping with occasional rough spots. If you’re a Buckley fan, you’ll be mesmerized. Also includes “NY Festival of Song” with opera singers: Although she included a fair share of Broadway classics in the evening’s eclectic repertoire, the concert was more interesting for its inclusion of contemporary pop-folk tunes from artists including Lisa Loeb and Rufus Wainwright.

Nice intimate concert that featured her talking about each song that was requested by the audience members prior to her performing them. The stories were just as amazing as her vocals. Betty was in wonderful spirits and was wedding speech carrie bradshaw a great time article on importance of homework in learning process the audience.

Not the best quality, and probably just for weddings speech carrie bradshaw of the show, but does get better as it goes on. Suffers from some generational loss. Upgraded Pro Shot video of unedited press reels. Runs about 85 minutes long and includes Broadway Beat Spotlight. Highlights running 15 minutes in length and also includes “Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar” performed by the cast on an unknown television show. Beautiful HD capture of this PreBroadway tryout.

This was done the final week of shows and college research paper introduction paragraph video.

Excellent picture and clear sound throughout. Cover-ups and lap shots for Act 1; good video for Act 2; very good sound throughout; nice closeups when there is a picture. Missing the very beginning of the show.

Much stage searching and blackouts for the first 5 minutes or so, then improves. Heads are in the shot throughout-but filmer does his best to shoot around them.

Kindle Feature Spotlight

What is captured is very clear. Includes the dance mega-mix after the curtain call. Excellent show and amazing capture here, crystal clear picture and sound. This features the Asian Billy, and he was an amazing dancer, and gave an amazing performance. Recorded through the house camera, so it’s a stationary full-stage shot with sound patched in directly from the sound board. Great sound and close ups when able and full shots for dancing. Includes Tv appearances and reviews, from the master.

Amazing performance and a beautiful capture. This performance is in my top three theatrical weddings speech carrie bradshaw ever, it was that amazing. This also includes the wedding speech carrie bradshaw call finale. Great capture with a few quick blackouts throughout the show. Very steady shot seller paper a great mix of shots.

A few blackouts during the top of each act. Great crystal clear footage from digital cable. This amazing collection is great quality with complete menus. Missing 15 minutes of show due to battery issues, however every scene that Kiril and David are in are there. Great shot of the full show and a great cast. Only minor obstruction at the bottom of screen a few times, but wedding speech carrie bradshaw too distracting.

Highlights running about 30 minutes, 10 of which is blacked out. Almost wedding speech carrie bradshaw show, starting at the boxing wedding speech carrie bradshaw and missing a few bits here and there. Can be shakey here and there, but overall nice. Beautiful capture of the Chicago cast with the stunning Emily Skinner. This wedding speech carrie bradshaw was always top notch and buy research papers to watch.

Includes the extended curtain call routine! Made for television production of the classic play. A decent capture of the full show although there are a few wedding speech carrie bradshaw blackouts and the camera wanders at times.

There are also a few pay for a thesis obstructions here and there. Well filmed from the balcony. It takes the filmer a few minutes to settle, and then the quality improves.

The show was supposed to run for at least 3 months, but negative purchase term paper and disappointing ticket sales caused an early wedding speech carrie bradshaw. Finally an amazing copy of this, 2nd generation copy. Picture and sound are great, but sometimes the action is off to the side of the screen. Also includes backstage footage and interviews, TV appearances, and a Benefit performance given by the cast at a church.

Decent quality that is watchable. Very good quality with unobstructed view performed in Dutch. Proshot from the in wedding speech carrie bradshaw camera system.

A wonderful wedding speech carrie bradshaw and great performances by Denise, a real gem! Some heads in the bottom of the screen but they are shot around very well and completely avoided whenever possible. Overall, a good video of an amazing cast.

A beautiful capture with action well followed in widescreen. A great cast who gives fantastic performances and a wonderful show.

Filmed from two different angles, with neither position is completely free of head obstruction. They are filmed around effectively and action is followed very wedding speech carrie bradshaw. Great capture of this show. A high energy rock show based on the life of Andrew Jackson’s life. Good capture of this this show.

Music by Harold Arlen, Lyrics by E. Only includes Act One and missing the last 10 minutes of that Act. Recorded from the central stalls in HD. Very well captured in HD with action well followed.

A very good video of the UK Tour based on the movie. Excellent HD capture of the new musical based on the movie. Contains Whitney Houston’s cataloge of music from the movie and her career. A very enjoyable musical with terrific songs and performances. Deborah weddings speech carrie bradshaw a terrific job taking on the music of quality writing services Filmed on the first night of previews.

Nicely filmed and wedding speech carrie bradshaw clear, however balcony railing visible in the wider shots and in Act Two the first minute is missing. Beautiful Dvd, great picture and sharpness. A few head obstructions and mostly wedding speech carrie bradshaw between two heads but full of zooms and great close-ups from the dress circle mezzanine. Also includes Broadway GMA performance.

Due to battery problems the video ends during Wedding Quawali. Nice capture of this new Wildhorn show. There are only a couple very short blackouts throughout the show and hardly any washout. A great capture of this shortly lived show.

Jeremy and Laura did a great job in the roles and great voices! Very nice video of the show however a bar can be visable in wide shots but it doesn’t interfere with anything.

Disc also includes behind the scenes footage, interviews and reviews. A nice capture of this hilarious original show.

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A very solid and funny cast. Nikki does a fantastic job acting and vocally. On wide shots there can be heads on the weddings speech carrie bradshaw, but nothing that really obstructs the action.

Nice capture of the first tour Everything is nicely captured. A great mid stage shot from the House Camera. Captures most of the action, except for extreme action on the far sides. Beautiful HD capture of the Chicago Cast. I can not say wedding speech carrie bradshaw wonderful things about this company!

They really are business plan energie renouvelable solid and give terrific performances! Nic and Ben are really sensational and have wedding speech carrie bradshaw chemistry. Clear capture with some spotlight washout, filmed from the stalls in HD. Black and White pro shot and abridged for TV.

Sondheim’s latest show, shot from the front mezzanine. Nice picture and sound, from the digital master. Beautiful video with lots of close ups, good camera work and lighting. Commonly mislabled this is direct from the digital master. First Act total blackness, too many ushers, so sound only.

HOTLINKS: MISCELLANEOUS SCIENCE FICTION/FANTASY/HORROR FILMS My Competitors: other websites of film lists X-Rated Sci-Fi/Fantasy Videos Sci-Fi Attacks on Los Angeles See also TIME TRAVEL: MOVIES AND TV-MOVIES ABOUT TIME TRAVEL OR TIME-LOOPS, below.

Second act is full audio and video. That’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes! Directed by Julie Andrews. Recorded through the house camera, so it’s a stationary, full-stage shot. Amazing clarity, with some minor spotlight washout. Pro-shot with multiple cameras of the final performance. Beautiful production with some changes before the show transferred to Broadway. Great video, lots of closeups. Digital video from the wedding speech carrie bradshaw. Opening night video; great picture and sound and weddings speech carrie bradshaw of closeups; the two shows listed are different as the wedding speech carrie bradshaw was changing throughout previews; Digital video, first generation from the master.

Over an wedding speech carrie bradshaw worth of footage. Wonderful picture and sound. Why we need to prepare business plan is a very wedding speech carrie bradshaw video of the ill-fated Roundabout revival of the classic Rodgers and Hart musical. Video is slightly shaky and obstructed throughout the show, but is worked around well and the video is watchable.

Stopping the show wedding speech carrie bradshaw times, and receiving 2 standing ovations, he performed a set which included some pop and wedding speech carrie bradshaw as well Case study weakness showstoppers “Wheels Of A Dream,” This Nearly Was Mine,” and “The Impossible Dream. Beautiful HD capture of this moving musical.

Kelli and Steven do a wedding speech carrie bradshaw job in the roles and the music is wonderfully written and performed. Really a nice piece of Theatre! Excellent HD capture of this short lived musical, gone too soon. This is the second and even better capture of the wedding speech carrie bradshaw. Kelli and Steven still creating excellent work here. Gem of a wedding speech carrie bradshaw that should have stuck around longer!

Excellent HD Against bilingual education essay of the tour launch in Iowa. This was the second performance and was conducted by Jason Robert Brown himself. Great performances and top notch tour! Very wedding speech carrie bradshaw video with no obstruction, only a couple very quick dropouts that last only a few seconds each.

Excellent clear picture and Jason Robert Brown weddings speech carrie bradshaw the orchestra. Good video with everything captured well. Disc also includes around 25 minutes of interviews and behind the scenes footage.

Great pristine quality of this made for tv produciton. Directed by Vivian Matalon. Amazing quality for age. Few close-ups, as is typical for older bootlegs, but good quality picture and sound. Great capture with no obstructions of this rarely performed show. Shot from the orchestra and is the full show! Great close-ups and nice quality. Good capture however the bottom railing visible in some of the wider or far downstage shots, but doesn’t detract from anything.

Beautiful where to buy an essay capture from stage left, of the second to last Broadway performance. Carmen is greeted with much applause and love. Her final song, At Long Last is breathtaking. Beatiful performances from the entire cast! Excellent HD capture from stage right, of the final Broadway performance. Carmen gives a stellar farewell performance, as does the entire cast.

Steve Martin plays in the wedding speech carrie bradshaw after intermission and comes out at curtain call along with Edie Brickell. From the National Tour that would eventually lead to a run on Broadway. An excellent capture of this new musical that was surprisingly a great time. Heads at the bottom of the screen during a good part of the show when action takes place at the foot of the wedding speech carrie bradshaw but it’s shot around well.

This version was presented at Shout and was wedding speech carrie bradshaw by popular demand six months after the first. No big B’way names, just one dance number after another, first version to feature both men and women.

Marla Maples makes an appearance towards the end of the show. Conceived, choreographed, and directed by Jerry Mitchell. Multi Camera Pro-shot for video. A- Broadway Bares 5: A Broadway Bares 6: A Broadway Bares 8: A Broadway Bares 9: A Broadway Bares Direct from Broadway Bares this a direct wedding speech carrie bradshaw from the source.

All of Mount Olympus will tremble at this year’s edition of Broadway Bares proshot with Multi-cameras. This year’s internet-themed show featured just about everything legal that can be found online.

A A Broadway Celebration: What About Love, Tony Vincent: Head Over Heels, Marty Thomas: We Belong, Chris Jackson: Missing You, Julia Murney: Heartbreaker, The Broadway Boys: King of Wishful Thinking, Amy Wren: Endless Love, Lea Michele: After All, Ann Harada: Great fun and nicely wedding speech carrie bradshaw. Cerimonial thesis eventos segment ran about 45 minutes.

The cast was top wedding speech carrie bradshaw and each show was such a joy to watch. Side Show of course stole the show. Jenn and Lisa were dynomite, your jaw will hit the floor. Beautifully captured and performed. A great HD capture of the new musical which is based on the play.

The ledge blocks the actors legs only when action is downstage far right, never really an sospensioni skyhook lancia thesis with zooming in. Approx 20 mins of footage. Picture can be kind of grainy. Great capture from master.

Great capture and performances, from master. Diana and Melba were sensational, as was the rest of the cast. Great filming, picture and sound.

Orchestra shoot with beautiful closeups. Diana DeGarmo has a little speech at the end, from master. The railing can enter the very bottom of frame on wider shots, but mostly shot over it. Final Broadway wedding speech carrie bradshaw where act one has a few issues, but act two is much better.

Tiger Rag, The Hot Dog Song, totaling about 10 minutes in act one, but the rest of the show is complete. Includes curtain call, Zach’s farewell speech, a good video that gets better as it goes on. A great capture of the non-equity tour. Great to see fresh faces in this show. This is shot with no obstruction or weddings speech carrie bradshaw. Filmed from what looks like the first or second row, so you’re kind of looking up at the wedding speech carrie bradshaw.

This is a hilarious play about a guy who works in Barbra Streisand’s Mall in her basement. The play is based on her book My Passion for Design. Michael does such an outstanding job and is hilarious in the role, I had to go twice in the same week! High quality Pro-Shot video. Performed in the round at North Shore Music Theater and recorded during dress rehearsal with no audience. Proshot nice video, includes press reels.

One brief coverup due to latecomers but very brief. Otherwise a good clear video with nice picture and sound. Good picture and sound. Pro wedding speech carrie bradshaw footage used for reviewer’s reels. About 21 minutes of musical number highlights. Newly discovered video from the Broadway revival. Excellent quality with nice closeups and sound. Proshot of the Donmar production; no generation loss to speak of; great video! Two hours of unedited raw press footage of the original Roundabout and replacement casts; excellent sound and picture for both.

Teri gives a very powerful performance. There is a lot of wedding speech carrie bradshaw washout and fuzzies. But great sound and performances. A great capture shot from the orchestra. Susan gives a great turn as Sally. Good wedding speech carrie bradshaw and picture, with some spotlight washout.

Similar to the Broadway revival. Full stage wedding speech carrie bradshaw camera shot. Good video, nice closeups, from the master. Act 1 has no obstructions except for an old man standing right in front of the camera for the wedding speech carrie bradshaw minute and a half.

Act 2 has a wedding speech carrie bradshaw in the way but is shot around. Tons of closeups, from master. A- Cabaret 1st Generation. Decent capture of the show. Raul is a great emcee. Nice capture and performances.

An absolutely fantastic production. A great capture of Neil and Debbie. Digital, from the master. Final matinee; 1st generation from the master. A totally different Cabaret then previous ones. Wonderful production filled with very “raw” emotion. This production does contain nudity. Crystal clear picture and sound, Fantastic performances. Act One is complete and there are only ten weddings speech carrie bradshaw of Act Two. can someone do my essay there are some blackouts, what is captured is wonderful.

Only musical numbers about 70 minutes long. Some shaking throughout but improves as the show goes on. Nice close-ups with clear picture. Beautiful HD capture of the wonderful revival with no obstructions. Leeds does a wonderful job in the role of the Emcee. Stunning second revival with terrific performances from the entire cast. Linda and Danny are just perfect together!

Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions and features the entire Revival Cast. Alan weddings speech carrie bradshaw a terrific return performance as the Emcee. Gayle and Linda wedding speech carrie bradshaw give such beautiful performances that are wonderful to watch!

She does a dazzling job in the role and very precise in detail. Lovely performances from Kristie and Philip. Still wonderful and solid performances as the show plays it’s final few performances. Beautiful HD capture of the new tour, with no obstructions. Randy does a terrific job in the wedding speech carrie bradshaw. Great cast and very strong performances! Pro-shot for live simulcast in movie theaters. Black and white with good picture and clear sound for a wedding speech carrie bradshaw of its age.

An Excellent capture in This cast is superb at bringing a really tightly written script together, they make it shine essay writing service reviews great timing with help from a solid director.

This was the first revival of the show since it originally opened on Broadway inand closed after 56 performances at the New York State Theatre, then went on to wedding speech carrie bradshaw the US.

Filmed mostly in wider shots, with an occasional zoom. Great video and quality. A wonderful video of the Paper mill production with zooms and good sound, great performances! A nicely put together non-equity tour. King Arthur and Guenevere did a lovely job.

About 10 minutes total of blackouts because it was a long show. Rachel York is stunning on and James has a voice that is so big and beefy, both are sensational. A wonderful capture with nice shots, contains 12 minutes of blackouts at the beginning due to ushers. A wonderful capture with no blackouts.

Rachel is amazing here as always. Proshot as shown on PBS. Amazingly clear video for it’s age. Occasional heads at bottom of screen. Performed “in the round. Pro shot for Scottish TV. Much different than the Hal Prince version we are used to seeing.

Follows the action well. The production transforms the proscenium into a giant s-era TV set, and has Voltaire, appearing as the narrator, changing channels between certain scenes.

Carrie Fisher

Julie Andrews as Narrator. However, it was thought to be unsuitable for Disney because it was “a racier R-rated movie”. To the wedding speech carrie bradshaw of Kelly, the screenplay was rewritten several times, first by Rita Hsiao and then by Todd Alcott. The wedding speech carrie bradshaw was initially scheduled be released in with Rob Marshall as director but he withdrew due to “creative differences” between the producers and him.

Indirector Jon Turteltaub was set to direct the film but he left soon after, later working with Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer on the National Treasure wedding speech carrie bradshaw. Adam Shankman became the film’s director inwhile Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle were hired by Disney to rewrite the script once again. However, the project did not take off. On May 25,Variety reported that Kevin Lima had been hired as director and Bill Kelly had returned to the project to write a new version of the script.

Lima worked with Kelly on the script to combine the main plot of Enchanted with the idea of a “loving homage” to Disney’s heritage. He created visual storyboard printouts that covered the story of Enchanted from wedding speech carrie bradshaw to end, which filled an entire floor of a production building. Lima began designing the world of Andalasia and storyboarding the movie before a cast was chosen to play the characters.

After the actors were hired, he was involved in making the final design of the movie, which made sure the animated characters look like their real-life counterparts.

The film weddings speech carrie bradshaw two aspect ratios; it begins in 2. The film switches back to 2. When this movie was aired on NBC inthe beginning of the movie including the first animated sequence was shown in standard definition; the remainder of the movie was shown in high definition when it becomes live-action. Lima oversaw the direction of both the live-action and animation sequences, which were being produced at the same time.

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Enchanted took almost two years to complete. The animation took about a year to finish while the live-action scenes, which commenced on location in New York City during the summer of and was completed during the animation process, were shot in 72 days. Animation Out of the film’s minutes of running time, ten of the approximately essay writing help minutes of wedding speech carrie bradshaw are at the beginning of the film.

Lima tried to “cram every single piece of Disney iconic imagery” that he could into the first ten minutes, which were done in traditional cel animation in contrast to computer-generated 3-D animation as a tribute to past Disney fairy tale films such as Sleeping BeautyCinderellaand Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

It was the first Disney film theatrically released in America to feature traditional cel wedding speech carrie bradshaw since Pooh’s Heffalump Movie This film, although quite different in terms of plot from any previous Disney film, also contained obvious homages to other Disney films of Chicago essay heading distant past, such as Old YellerThe Shaggy Dog, Swiss Family Robinson, Bon Voyage!

As most of Disney’s cel wedding speech carrie bradshaw artists were laid off after the computer wedding speech carrie bradshaw boom of the late s, the 13 minutes of animation were not done in-house but by the independent company James Baxter Animation, which was started by noted wedding speech carrie bradshaw animator James Baxter.

Although Lima wanted the animation to be nostalgic, he wanted Enchanted to have a style of its own. Baxter’s team decided to use Art Nouveau as a starting point. For Giselle, the 2D-animated character had to be “a cross between Amy [Adams] and a classic Disney princess. And not a caricature. And the weddings speech carrie bradshaw had to align closely to the live-action design.

He also shot some live-action footage of Amy Adams as Giselle for the animators to use as a reference, which also allowed the physical movement of the character to match in both worlds. Test scenes completed by the animators were shown to the actors, allowing them to see how their animated self would move. Live-action Principal photography began in April and ended in July Because of the live action sequence setting, all live action work was filmed in New York City.

  • Beautiful HD capture of the concert tour.
  • Great video, lots of closeups.
  • King Arthur and Guenevere did a lovely job.
  • Video is slightly shaky and obstructed throughout the show, but is worked around well and the video is watchable.
  • Excellent HD capture of the new whimsical musical.
  • Sure to be some changes before it hits Broadway!
  • Great songs and performance.
  • Crystal Clear picture and sound.
  • Great shot of the full show and a great cast.
  • You’re the One That I Want series.
  • Introductions by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

However, shooting in New York became problematic as it was in a “constant state of new weddings speech carrie bradshaw, scaffolding and renovation”. The first scene in New York, which features Giselle emerging from a manhole in the middle of Times Square, was filmed on wedding speech carrie bradshaw in the center of the square. Because of the difficulties in controlling the crowd while filming in Times Square, general pedestrians were featured in the scene with hired extras placed in the immediate foreground.

The five-minute scene took 17 days to finish due to the changing weather, which allowed only seven sunny days for the scene to be filmed. The filming was also hampered at times by Patrick Dempsey’s fans.

Many scenes were also filmed at Steiner Studios, which provided the three large stages that Enchanted needed at the same facility. To create the costumes, May spent one year in pre-production working with animators and her costume wedding speech carrie bradshaw of 20 people, while she contracted with five outside costume shops in Los Angeles and New York. She became involved in the wedding speech carrie bradshaw during the time when the animators were designing the faces and bodies of the characters as they had to “translate the costumes from two-dimensional drawings to live-action human proportion”.

Her goal was to keep the designs “Disneyesque to the core but bring a little bit of fashion in there and humor and make it something new”. However, May admitted this was difficult “because [they’re] dealing with iconic Disney characters who have been in the psyche of the viewing audience for so long”.

For Cosas que debe tener un curriculum vitae character of Giselle, her journey to becoming a real woman is reflected in her dresses, which become less fairytale-like as the film progresses. Her wedding dress at the beginning of the film directly contrasts her modern gown at the end of the film.